Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My New Ski Buddy

Hi All
I thought I'd post some photos of Mommy Sophia and how she skis now, which is to say, backwards on telemark skis. Not to be fancy, but just so I can see the little one behind me is faring. Above is a shot from a few years back as I was getting him ready to go.

And here's how we'd travel down the hill in those days. When I had to hike uphill to rescue him, it was (and still is) a lot easier when my heel is free. ("Free your heel, free your mind," we telemarkers like to say. "Half a binding, half a brain" is the standard retort.)

These photos were from over three years ago. So the video below, from a recent trip to the snow, shows how the little guy is gaining confidence:

Little Guy takes after his father: no thwack-thwacking.

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